A new partner joining our Team: ElecSys France®

Electronic cards are at the heart of a vehicle's performance. They involve the reliability of the engine, so the studies dedicated to the industrial production of cards must be the subject of all our attention.

Because this requirement today will guarantee the satisfaction of our customers in the near future, MDI has moved closer to ElecSys France®, whose recognized expertise we recognize. ElecSys France® is a technical design office in electronics and manufacturer of custom Lithium-ion batteries. We asked this company to accompany us to refine the computer dedicated to our engine, and to calibrate the service battery in relation to it. ElecSys France® will also support us in the industrialization process of these electronic cards. This stage requires impeccable, reliable, robust production.

We have selected ElecSys France® to guarantee this irreproachable result, because this young company has been able to approve vehicles fitted with high-voltage batteries, computers, prototype beams, etc. with the biggest names in mobility: FAURECIA, BUSCH, RENAULT, VAL'AIR, among others. The discussions between ElecSys France® and our design office have already produced results which we welcome. Other strategic partnerships with other big names in automotive equipment are underway to facilitate industrialization and the launch of our products in a timely manner.

Photo credit: "Renault TREZOR" by Tom De Peyret