Replace all heat engines?

We regularly receive notices from Internet users telling us a number of vehicles which they think could be powered by our compressed air engine.

It is true that our concept makes it possible to replace most motors. However, in certain cases, certain engines remain to be preferred for purely practical reasons. The use of energy in the form of compressed air implies storage favoring short and medium journeys. For example, equipping long-haul aircraft with this concept would be unrealistic. Let us be lucid: the share reserved for thermal engines will still be preponderant for one or even two decades, whatever we regret for ecological reasons. The other so-called clean, electric and hydrogen technologies, and even other innovative perspectives, will also retain a share of the non-thermal engine market. The replacement of a fraction of the engine fleet, by our compressed air solution, for soft mobility and energy storage, requires an industrial ramp-up which will be spread over the short, medium and long term. The help of substantial investors will allow us to go faster in order to bring out our ecological and economic solution. On our site,, we indicate the products already developed, in the industrialization phase, and the projects to be industrialized in the future. The development of ecologically and economically viable solutions, such as ours, is possible with the support of major economic and political actors, but also with the accompaniment of citizens concerned about the future of their children.