100% Air Compressed / 100% Clean

Some encouraging steps

We have also designed an "Air-wall", a fixed unit that stores green energy (solar, wind, ...) in compressed air, and returns it in the form of electricity as needed.

The technology we are developing is a relevant and original response, among others, to deal with global warming and economic and environmental expectations.
Our engines do not emit CO2, no fine particles such as NOX (Nitrogen Oxide) or HC (Unburned Hydrocarbons) and the exhaust pipes diffuse cold. We do not use rare earth to store energy, but chemically inert compressed air tanks with a lifespan of at least 20,000 cycles.
By consulting our site, you will be able to note these advances and the projects which we feed.

An environmental anxiety situation.

Parallel to our work, the world news brought their lot of disturbing information on the ecological plan.
Floods, heat waves, fires and tornadoes, disoriented climate ...

The year 2018 was provided in devastating natural disasters.
These events support the warnings of more than 15,000 researchers around the world, referring to an urgent change in our relationship with the environment.

They invite an increasingly limited use of fossil energy and much soberer consumption behavior.

In front of  these imperatives, is the world's population willing to remove the elements of comfort to which it is accustomed? Will rich and emerging countries accept to do without cars, engines that contribute significantly to their economy?


On social networks, during street demonstrations, the population expresses its concern or cries out its disarray in the face of climate change.
Governments are incriminated or blamed for climate inaction.

Are you ready to mobilize?
Should we wait for the political authorities to act?
We believe that citizens can be the first actors in the energy transition and a viable economic approach that is close to their aspirations.
Beyond technical performance, our model of vehicle construction is also economically very profitable. According to our calculations, investors who will provide financing for the construction of a plant will see the first returns on investments three to five years after their contribution.

In addition, a market survey of our AirPod2.0 was administered in January to nearly 10,000 people. The results are clear: this quadricyle is expected by individuals, as by fleets of vehicles.

Our AirPod2.0 was awarded the "Jury's favourite" at Flotauto de la Villette in Paris on February 21st.


To act: it is now.

Now ... not tomorrow, leave the beautiful words to others: act.

We propose you to participate in the construction of a clean, non-polluting vehicle built close to the consumers.
We want, with the participation of the citizens, to build a factory for the production of compressed air vehicles.
The legal, technical and practical procedures will be communicated later, but from your answers, we want to know the number of people who would be motivated to follow us, in order to gauge the feasibility.
This email is sent to you at the same time as 40,000 other people around the world, who have notified their interest in sustainable development and our technology.
Please share it with your own network of contacts, and ask them the same questions we ask you:

Would you be interested in participating in a cooperative society at the creation of the first French AirPod 2.0 manufacturing plant?
(your answer does not commit you to anything)
Visit our website,, to be more aware of our progress, and respond by clicking on the link below.


Thank you.

The MDI Team

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