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TATA Motors has acquired the exclusive license for MDI motor technology, for the territory of India. This license covers all possible applications of compressed air motors. Having successfully tested MDI motors on their own vehicles (in India and France) TATA Motors has initiated an industrialisation programme. Throughout the rest of the world, MDI is pursuing the development of its own industrial concept, namely the sale of turnkey local production units and their respective licenses.

“Blue-sky technology projects bring together a series of experiments from innovative fields. As an example, we are currently working on motors which are powered by compressed air and which emit nothing but air from their exhaust.”

Dr. Timothy Leverton - Tata Review - January 2015

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Veolia is a major player within the field of waste management in France. Its objectives as regards urban cleanliness focus on 3 key points:

- considerate mobility,

- the safeguarding of working conditions,

- researching clean energy solutions.

In this context, MDI works together with Veolia, in particular offering its expertise in the design and production of non-polluting vehicles and systems.

In Italy the company AIR MOBILITY has obtained the AirPod licenses for the areas of Sardinia and Tuscany. In the case of Sardinia the factory was designed to address the island market requirements whilst remaining faithful to the MDI industrial concept. The same approach could be considered on a case by case basis for other islands or “Micro States”.

The Air Volution group, which obtained the licenses for the Airpod and Generators for Australia and New Zealand, visited our premises in Carros.

These few days allowed for preparation of the implementation of the first turnkey factory for these areas.
Based on the MDI production concept, in which vehicles are sold in their place of production, it will be the 3rd to produce the Airpod.

Given its respect for the environment and its appetite for all things aesthetic, MDI sought to define the originality of its new bodywork with the use of the world’s most ancient, formerly cultivated fibre: flax.

With unrivalled natural qualities, flax provides resistance to impacts, compression, torsion, rupture and temperature variations.  It also provides effective sound insulation. Far lighter than steel or aluminium, flax composites are innovative materials that encourage recycling. Their ability to absorb vibrations make them excellent materials to use in car manufacturing. With their highly modern design, flax fibres offer a valuable, high quality image, an icon of all that is natural and elegant. Its properties and performance mean it is an ecological alternative to carbon and fibreglass.

A partnership between MDI and the company TEXILIS, who produce and market industry specific flax fibres, has been established.

During the development of the AirPod, KLM performed a test-run at its facilities at Schiphol airport. For almost 18 months two AirPods (a standard and a Cargo version) were tested.   The feedback received from these tests was taken into consideration in order to improve the vehicle.

The Bonneville Triplets

MDI provided two AirPod motors to the French team “the Bonneville Triplets” who each year attempt to break high speed records (across different categories) on the famous Bonneville salt flats in the state of Utah. After several days spent modifying the vehicle (due to regulation issues on driver visibility), the team was only able to make a single attempt, and that merely a matter of hours before the closure of “Speed Week”.  It was therefore on the basis of a single run with the use of only one of the two air-powered motors, that this popular team set the first record for a compressed air Steamliner.


This innovative vehicle is the fruit of the collaboration between Veolia and MDI.  It is powered by compressed air and emits absolutely no gases or particles. It enables a significant reduction to the impacts of collection on the quality of life and health of residents thanks to limited bulk and motorisation.

Waste collection for Veolia

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