Interview with Côme Girschig

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

The Boulonnais Côme Girschig, 24, has been appointed by the United Nations to represent France at the first youth summit for the climate. MDI interviewed him.  

MDI: What is the message and the intention that you delivered during the meeting New-York?  

Côme Girschig: The intention was to harmonize the voice of the world's youth, to give it a base, a common base that would have served in return at national levels. A statement has been published, but it is currently not very recovered.  

MDI: According to you, what is the state of mind of youth facing climate challenges?  

CG: Youth is passionate about this complex cause. This passion stems from a fear of the urgency that is confirmed every day and translates into a form of enthusiasm for change.  

MDI: New technologies are part of a possible response to environmental issues. Changing consumption patterns too. What is your opinion on this subject ?  


Changing consumption patterns is obvious. It will go through the best and the least. Technology will be used to build this transition, it is undeniable, provided you fit it properly. These technologies will have to meet the low tech criteria (reduction of the complexity in particular of the materials, evaluation in LCA of all the elements including the fuels, etc ...)  

MDI: MDI seeks to spread clean technology. Have you heard of it before?  

CG: I have never heard of your company and I will be happy to know more. What I have seen so far seems very convincing.

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