Narbonne: Guy Nègre, an inventor from Narbonne, hero of the international exhibition in Dubai!

"More than 25 million people have already visited the 192 national pavilions of the Dubai International Exhibition thanks to compressed air trains invented by Guy Nègre from Narbonne ... Example of how the persistence of an inventor can save the planet.

Persistence is a powerful engine! It was that of Guy Nègre who sees his perseverance rewarded today. The Narbonne native passed away in 2016, but it is his invention that is currently on display at the Dubai International Trade Fair through his company MDI."

To read the full article, please follow the link from L'INDÉPENDENT :,Narbonne%20%3A%20Guy%20N%C3%A8gre%2C%20un%20inventeur%20narbonnais%20h%C3%A9ros%20de,l'expo%20internationale%20de%20Duba%C3%AF%20!&text=Plus%20de%2025%20millions%20de,par%20le%20Narbonnais%20Guy%20N%C3%A8gre%20%E2%80%A6

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