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The organisation of the world economy relies on the provision of energy to ensure the vital functions of our countries: defence, health care, transport etc. Numerous sources of energy that produce low levels of pollution are operational (wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermic, marine and submarine) and others are under development. However, the crucial issue at the beginning of the third millennium will be the storage of energy, to enable its “portability” or because the ebb and flow of energy supply and demand vary widely. Here are some of the aspects which make storage via compressed air the best solution and the starting point of our work:

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Simple & Efficient

MDI is addressing the need for energy storage with the use of the latest generation of compressed air motors and the very high return yield they offer. Reversible, these motors can compress ambient air to a pressure of 248 bars and also use the release of this compressed air for the production of mechanical work.

The compressed air motors available today can replace all existing motors and cater for any kind of application.  Their output will be used to power vehicles, supply light bulbs or provide electricity for other uses: electricity generators, redistribution across a conventional electricity grid, etc.

This mono-energy technology, namely one which solely uses compressed air, is completely clean.


Light and Tough

MDI has opted to create light vehicles (at least half the weight of those with identical capacity) out of “composite” materials, until now the preserve of very high end vehicles produced on a small scale. It is a process of assembling several components, themselves non-miscible but possessing exceptional bonding strength.

 The chassis is formed out of one single piece and designed in order that every part of its shape serves a purpose. The result of this integration of functions is a considerably lighter structure, the use of fewer materials, a surprising gain of space, a much tougher structure than in that of a traditional assembly and incomparable sound insulation.

These characteristics can be refined further still through the use of plant fibres such as flax.

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