We want to become the global leader of sustainable products using our compressed air engine, through a combination of innovative technologies, minimalistic design, and affordability for the end-user.


To help the environment, we strive to make sustainable energy solutions accessible to all.


We understand the current environmental crisis and the contribution of the energy industry to that, and we believe that we can be the company that can make a change.


What do we do exactly?

MDI is a Luxembourg based company that develops the compressed air technology for both mobility and energy storage industries and sells licenses to manufacturers.



MDI is developing an innovative production concept: small units spread across the globe enabling the required integration of functions and research.




 Mechanical engineer, Mr. Nègre focussed principally on increasing the power of engines and on the rotary distribution. A visionary with dexterity and ingenuity out of the ordinary, his interest in sustainable mobility pushed him to build an engine using compressed air


Guy’s wife, his son, his whole family and the MDI team are keen to realize his project: see the air-powered cars drive the roads very soon. 


" As a trained mechanical engineer, after several years of experience in the computation center of Bugatti, Italy, I joined my father in 1994 to head the R & D center of the MDI group. I have taken over his role since Guy’s demise in late 2014. Since then,I have assumed the responsibility of the management of our young and motivated team, the management of the MDI group, and all the ongoing partnerships. "



Cyril Nègre. CEO of MDI Group & Director of MDI SA

Licenses map.jpg

We are yet to 
establish contact 
in the country in 

Some licenses have
been secured  but a
number remains
available for certain

products and/or certain predetermined parts of the country

in question.

There are no more
licenses available

for the country

in question.
In the case of India,
TATA Motors has
acquired all
MDI technology
licenses covering
all applications.


MDI SA owns and manages the intellectual property of MDI research and technology. And so, the principal activity of MDI is to sell operating and manufacturing rights and licenses to investors, partners or other companies.


The production and the distribution of innovative products is not currently part of MDI activities. But whether it is a mobility product or energy storage product license, MDI transfers the know-how, the training and the tools guiding them in for the concerned manufacturing process. The licensees will be able to produce, sell and deliver the products on the side, region or country according to the geographical terms set by the license as well as the laws and regulations of the area where it operates.


The number of deals, closed or in process, is increasing. Tata Motors, for example, bought all the licenses of MDI for the whole India and so no one can operate or buy any license in India no more. There are still many negotiation opportunities throughout the world for licenses and partnerships with MDI.

Availability of licenses

Through its licensees, MDI continues to forge itself a truly international presence.

As regards the current state of license distribution, there are four potential scenarios:

Advanced discussions
are underway for certain 
products and/or certain
predetermined parts of 
the country in question.
A contract is yet to be
sign, therefore all the 
licenses remain 

Industrialization concept

The opposite of the classic approach to car manufacturing and its centralization of vast production factories.

MDI has developed numerous small production facilities across 5 continents. There are multiple advantages to this concept:


80% of the vehicle is built in site

A central MDI purchasing office for the suppliers of the remaining 20%

A lower import tax as a result and no currency fees

Wealth generation which remains in the producing country and a revenue share

A larger workforce

Lower logistics levels and management costs

Smaller built-up areas and land

Lower CO2 and pollution emissions caused by the transport of finished vehicles and raw materials

The major challenge of the 21st century 

The storage of green energy and its continuous delivery in the network, preferably without the production of CO2 and NOx

The replacement of polluting conventional systems and devices

—Pngtree—pollution prohibition of pollut


MDI creates a non-polluting energy storage and mobility solutions with

Engines running on compressed air

Air is everywhere and can be compressed in any time

Learn more about how our air technology works , click on this page : TECHNOLOGY

logo goals UN.png

The United Nations ceremonially
recognized MDI's leadership,
innovation and contribution for sustainable development through its compressed air technology


MDI was also part of the Sustainable Development Goals Labs at the World Economic Forum Davos 2018

Faded Shapes



Reduction of logistics, inventory and management costs
Reduction in import taxes
Low investment


80% of the vehicle is
built in site

Wealth retention in the
producing country


Human scaled




Local employment

Affordable products to all

Work environment quality due to small teams


Clean technology


Use of composite materials

no pollution due to transportation of finished products

Only 1/3 of land required to set up manufacturing facilities as compared to conventional automobile sector

Low energy and water consumption