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Introducing Air'Volution in partnership with VEOLIA

First industrial vehicle

On June 22nd 2019 , The waste collection truck produced by MDI for its client Veolia, the Air’Volution was presented to the public for the first time.


It is the first industrial compressed air vehicle rolling on public roads in the 21st century.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Air' Volution is the result of a close collaboration between the MDI subsidiaries and VEOLIA.


The access to the cabin and the work accessories, such as the bucket itself, allow the workers to operate in comfort and safety

Look how beautiful it rolls down the streets!

Totally clean propulsion

This vehicle runs on the air that we breathe, which is compressed at 248 bars and stored in the filament winding carbon fiber tanks.

This industrial vehicle emits no smoke in the wake of this vehicle, little noise, no redundant, no carbon dioxide, and no other effluents.

The tanks are filled from an industrial compressor.


A new generation of services

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