Introducing AirPod 2.0

100% Compressed air engine






Sense of security, well-being, and practicality are the 3 key considerations behind the design of the cabin. The interiors are designed to offer unique comfortable experience for two people.

Stay connected



Drivers feel the vehicles through the steering wheel. For the first impression, touch and readability must be perfect.


The driver must have access to the driving information and controls, at all times. For that, we have included two control zones in the steering wheel.

While the compressed air level, engine speed, and vehicle speed are available in the first control zone, the dashboard controls such as air-conditioning, sound systems, etc. can be accessed with the second zone on the steering wheel.

Spacious and Practical

Its trunk volume is equivalent to that of the other vehicles in higher categories.


Its rectangular storage unit makes it easy to be loaded.


The large front door allows easy access to the vehicle with a low change threshold and a belt.


100% Compressed air engine

Zero  CO2 Emissions

Composite materials


The future in one vehicle