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Towards a new productive paradigm

The global health crisis we are experiencing has affected our societies, our lifestyles, and our businesses.


Will this kick given in the anthill generate positive impacts, virtuous behavior?

Artists, scientists, and personalities from civil society are calling for an in-depth overhaul of our society. A society which would give pride of place to the energy transition, less energy-consuming, more human, and, ultimately, more livable for all and for our planet. A society where we favor relocated production, and where financial advantages are no longer the first criterion.

MDI continues its work aimed at producing clean engines, emitting no fine particles or gases while being "eco-built" throughout its life cycle.

This approach is accompanied by a real reflection on the economic and human dimensions of the productive model.

Our industrial project provides for the production of vehicles and renewable energy storage solutions, in small production units, close to catchment areas, in the heart of the territories.
Human-sized entities, with open management, recruiting its employees as close as possible. 80% of the value chain is produced within the industrial site, generating low consumption of "gray energy".

The industrial paradigm proposed by MDI promotes the relocation of jobs and a working relationship centered around people.

Three values form the basis of MDI's approach: humanism, ecology, and innovation.
We believe that the conjunction of these values can lead us to a better, less energy-consuming society on a planet with respected resources.

This virtuous productive paradigm was thought and prepared as a cornerstone of the MDI concept. A first production unit is present in Sardinia, others are expected to expand as our licenses sold are extended.
The redesign of post-COVID 19 industrial concepts may be inspired by this idea. It would be a nod to Guy Nègre, our founder, who is at the origin.

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How does this concept work exactly?

Check our video for an explanation!

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