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A relevant partnership focused on shared mobility.

MDI has joined into a partnership with Luxembourgeoise Moovee to boost its performance in the fleet market.

Moovee specializes in fleet management and offers a multimodal shared mobility solution. The expertise in fleet management of Moovee is positioned as the missing link in the mobility sector of employees and a company. Having been placed already in most of Luxembourg corporations as well as international companies, Moovee is now positioned as a leader in B2B mobility in Europe.

Our partnership with this exceptionally successful company foretells the mobility of tomorrow through the "Maas" (Mobility As A Service). The fleets of companies coveting to acquire our AirPod2.0 will be able to experience its service with flexibility and agility thanks to the Moovee co-operation.


Fleets of shared vehicles are managed by a digital platform in connection with other vehicles and shared services.


Through an application, you will be able to access, book and manage the vehicle's services. No need for any exchange of keys. On February 21, 2019, we were present at the Flotauto show in Villepinte, with Moovee, to present our AirPod2.0 and this highly advanced solution for managing fleets and services.

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